HEALTHY BREAKFAST || Healthy food can be delicious and doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about your favourite breakfast or dessert foods, then work on turning those into a great recipe. I adore yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (ok, all the fruit), and… croissants, cakes, macarons. STOP Ivânia! The time to act on your resolution is now! Oops… Yes, it’s true!
Some weekdays are pretty tight for me and it is difficult to sit down and have a decent breakfast with my son (I sleep “standing up” at seven in the morning). So I try to make up for that and have a good and healthy breakfast during the weekends. In fact, with a second breakfast in the morning also during the weekdays. I have a second breakfast, not a snack.

And now, you’ve read about chia, and you know why you should add this healthy little seed in your life. Right? I started now to add! Finding ways to eat this seed on a regular basis can get tricky or not… Do as I do – yogurt with some oat flakes, almonds, hazelnuts, strawberries and raspberries slices, blueberries and chia. Is quite delicious!HEALTHY BREAKFAST_ivaniasmode.2HEALTHY BREAKFAST_ivaniasmode.3HEALTHY BREAKFAST_ivaniasmode.4

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