#Life: GUYS, YOU DO NOT EAT WOMEN || Guys understand the following: you do not eat women. In any way. Ok, maybe you’re allowed to use that term for a minimal percentage – and even so, I do not think you should do it – but at the end, you guys do not eat, never have and never will eat. And do you know why? This is the most interesting part: explaining it to you.

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Women do not “give you the pussy” on the first date, women have sex on the first date if they feel like doing so, just like men do! The “rules” go for both genders, that is in you guys’ head.

There are women that have sex after a crazy night and on the next day do not care a bit for you. No, she won’t call or send romantic texts. She had sex, had fun, and life goes on. So do not go screaming to the world that you ate the women, because to be honest, she did not give you the vagina, she actually enjoyed it a lot or more or less like you did. And believe me, she is not going to go around telling the world how big or small your penis is nor how the sex was bad.
Women do not think if it’s the first, second or fifth date. They value the moments, the eye contact, the conversations, the smiles, the cuddles, and all that awakens the desire for something more…

And yes, in some cases she does desire your body (only your body), having sex with you and then “goodbye”. And believe it that she will not say that she ate you… Because here, no one eats no one.

If you guys had sex with a woman, it was because SHE WANTED. Read it one more time: BECAUSE SHE WANTED.
So why do you guys need to say that you “ate”? To make you feel more like “men”? Come on, wake up and open your eyes!

That woman, is ten times more than what you think of her. She does not need your approval, nor does she need to know if it was good for you, because if it was good for her… believe me when I say that she will make it happen again!

And NO, she wasn’t drugged, lacking, drunk or in any other way. She had sex with you because she wanted, because she was craving that desire.

So simple as that.

So, do not go out saying you won, or win every time you wanted to. Nobody is a piece of meat. She is not a Big Mac, that you can say that you ate.

If you had sex with her, consider yourself lucky.

But write down this advice: If you continue investing your time talking about all the women you (think) you ate, oh darling, one day you’ll end up alone.

You do not know what it is to feel connection except the carnal desire. And that sucks.

Founder, CEO & Editor-in-chief