#Beauty: GREEN TEA FACE MASK || After we suggested an amazing book of masks (in all truth it is a survival kit), someone had to come back and apply the product, so guess what? I had to be the victim, of course! This green tea facial mask made with the finer of lyocell, is one of my favourites, and the best to highlight here. And why? Because so far I always talked about “traditional” facial masks, like this one here. And let’s be honest, they are time consuming, from the time you apply it to the removal of the mask, rubbing and rubbing more.

Also available in Portuguese (PT)

With this line of masks of Sephora, everything is more practical, from the application to the removal of the product. The new mask made of lyocell fiber, is a perfect fit for our facial features, for a better application of the active ingredients. And let me tell you, during the 15min of the application of the mask, the sensation of freshness is huge. After the removal, the skin is more relaxed and revitalized.

This line is formulated without parabens and it is not tested on animals! It sounds good, right? So try it out.

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