#healthy: GREEN DRINKS WITHOUT THE AWFUL FLAVOR || If you are the kind of person who makes an ugly face to the famous green juices, this article is for you!
Come on guys, we all know that today the detox juices are both fashionable as gin tonic, sushi, and selfies in the gym. But these fashions tired many people around the world (including me!) Because everything is in exaggeration is boring.
I hope that our readers have the notion that nothing can replace a meal in the long run, a meal is a meal, and juice is a juice. I’m tired of seeing bloggers that encourage people to drink only juice for a week. Please, this is not healthy and will not do any miracles in your body! No, you won’t lose your belly. We can’t confuse things so basic and follow trends ridiculous, just because society in general does. And the worst is that people are very misinformed!
You know what is the real green juice? It is one that has 90% of vegetables and 10% fruit. What many people do is a fruit juice with green … That is, ingest fructose with some vegetables. And then wait for miracles sitting on the couch.
I will not lie to you, I don’t like the taste of green juices, and this article is not in any way to criticize those who drink them, but the truth is that we can have a healthy diet without falling into the ridiculous. They include fruits, vegetables and vegetables in your meals? Great! Do not exaggerate in plastic food? Fantastic! They eat a little of everything? They eat fish and white meat? How nice! Want to lose weight? They consult with professionals, each case is different, and people have different metabolisms! But beware and don’t fall on a strict diet only. What about exercise? And no, no need to pay a monthly fee in a gym. Enjoy the outdoors!GREEN DRINKS WITHOUT THE AWFUL FLAVOR - ivaniasmode-1

Now we jump to the part of the “green drink with the awful taste”…
As I said above, I don’t like green juice or green drinks in general. In fact, just like the green mint leaves and lime. And this smoothie, which just tasted after much persuasion!
You know that many smoothies are more nutritious than juices? I remember drinking huge in my childhood. My mother prepared a banana which was delicious!
If you want to opt for a healthy diet, without madness, smoothies are indeed a great option. But not replace the meals, please! This drink is excellent for the afternoon snack for example.
So, this option in addition to strengthening health and deflate the body also provides energy, and has detoxifying properties which helps in the weight loss process when combined with a balanced diet. Never forget that.

And if you do not like green drinks by the taste as I do, you can and should invest in this drink because I will assure you that the taste is delicious and has no green flavor!

It contains: Almond milk, spinach, avocado, banana and some chia seed. So delicious and very nutritious. Just mix and put on the blender!


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