GABRIEL BOISANTE, 38 years. Born in Paris but his early life was spent in Luxembourg. Later he returned to Paris to study and currently resides … guess what? In Luxembourg, of course! Our first male guest is a proud entrepreneur – owner of several restaurants along with 2 friends – actor and writer.

“WAIT! I just realized that I didn’t do all the homework, when I invited him to … (Shame on me!) I only have relied on the food business, because I really admire the successful entrepreneurs, and I couldn’t get those hamburgers out of my mind. I can’t stop thinking about food, and I think you’ll be hungry during this interview. Oops, sorry guys! And I’m sorry Gabriel, after meeting you personally I realized how fun you are … and I believe you are a true entertainer!” – Ivânia

Organizer of the first editions of the Festival des Très Courts à la Cinémathèque de Luxembourg, Gabriel Boisante met up with the Luxembourg’s cinema, and has participated in some films, such as “Nuit Blanche“, “Plan de table” and “La vie d’une autre “. In addition he also often collaborates with set design projects for movies. Monsieur Gabriel Boisante is also the host of Luxembourg Nightlife Awards, among others.

We are pleased to have Gabriel Boisante with us as an inspiration. Today he shares with all of us a little more about him and his work – in the first person.

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Gabriel Boisante - work

I am an entrepreneur and proudly owner with more two friends an associates of the restaurants Mamacita, Mama Loves You & Coppers. I have been also an actor and writer for the last 5 years.

I have been studying in Paris and started there my career. I discovered the bar& restaurant life in my early university years, i fell instantly in Love with it, so next to my university years and my early «more classic jobs». After my double graduation in Immunology and of a business school have been doing lots of different jobs in life pharmaceutic industry, insurances some job opportunity brought me back to Luxembourg but i always had in the back of my head the dream to open my own place. Last year in December i decided to quit my CFO job to go on full time on my personal projects.

What is your Daily Routine?

I only have a routine for moneys where i go around the different places to discuss with our chefs the different menus of the week, checking the plannings, preparing the week. And for the other days the best part of my work is that i do not have a daily routine, it can change everyday. The only routine element is that it they are a lot of hours.

Do you prefer: coffee or tea? Wine or water?

I’m more coffee and water (surprisingly).

GABRIEL BOISANTE - Coffee - ivaniasmode

A couple of things you can’t live without:

My favorite sneakers & my phone.


Your favorite trend ever:

White sneakers

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