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#Tattoos: MY FIRST TATTOOS || My desire for tattoos began around the age of 16. But I was not so brave, at the time to do them, as I was when piercing my ear 5 times when I was about 12 years. I still have 5 holes in my left ear, and sometimes it looks like a Christmas tree … but I think it’s one of my “style marks”.

When I got pregnant at 17, I thought immediately of tattooing the name of my son, but I didn’t do it. And 13 years later I still had no tattoo but a huge desire to have!

Finally, this Summer, I had the courage and the determination to do it. And I did 3 at once! For me it’s important to be sure of what I’m going to tattoo, and I found three things that made sense to me. I wanted them on my skin.

The meaning of each tattoo:
a dove flying freely. For me it was the perfect time for it … because it’s exactly how I felt this Summer: free and at peace. And this is how I intend to feel forever. So for me this symbol has a lot of meaning.

date of birth. The most important date of my life so far. And in the future it will certainly continue to be. I did not tattoo my son’s name, but the date he was born.

one word – COURAGE. Perhaps the most meaningful word for me. Every morning I can look at my arm and never forget the courage I need to face each day, every challenge, every obstacle… and the courage to be myself daily. Ah! Read courage in French!

How about you, do you have any tattoos? A story to share? Let me know!


Photography by @gabriels_mode

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