#Looks: A FASHION VICTIM IN BURGUNDY || First of all, I like to think that I am not a fashion victim… and this might cause a bit of controversy but at the same time, I am and I am not in all truth.

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The expression “fashion victim” defines people that are incapable of identifying the limits of fashion. It’s those people that are in wonder and often deceived with the materialism giving by the collections that are in constant renewal, with a snap of a finger. They wear everything that is in front of them, many times (most times), wearing every trend at the same time. People wear something just because it is a trend, without thinking if it looks good on them or not. They are creatures that don’t know about, or never heard of, sustainable fashion, vintage or even customisation. So let’s be honest, I am not at all a fashion victim! Vintage and customisation is something that I naturally love and I do not wear all the trends.


On the other end, and this is my point, I am a victim, yes. And why? It is not because of the trendy long sleeve sweater that I am wearing, or the fishnets. It is to enhance the looks category (it is the only category that you might confuse with a blog – or even call it that). Whit this in mind, sometimes I get into very annoying situations. There are days that the temperatures are below zero and the cold is unbearable, I can guarantee you that! And there I was, taking my coat (scarf and gloves!!) to take a photograph. Making an big effort, not to tremble at each second. And now you ask: why do you take your coat? That is an easy one! If I don’t do it, and having into consideration the amount of coats I have in my closet, the #ootd‘s posts would be all the same non stop. It doesn’t matter if the hair is different, or if the shoes and bag are different. A long Winter coat is always the biggest piece of a look and the one that captures more attention. And let’s be real, our “look of the day” is everything that is on the inside of a coat.

Sometimes I wonder: Why do I keep doing this?! I really ask myself that. I ask myself what is the point, the meaning, etc. And then my heart has the same response: “Ivania, you love this! You can’t live without it!

Finally, has anyone noticed (in the middle of so much burgundy) that my hair is shorter? Yes. I wanted to cut just a bit and I ended up cutting more then 10cm of hair. Baaaah. 😪 If you didn’t noticed, that is good for my mind, or is it? (laughter)

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Wearing: H&M knit – very similar HERE  //  ZARA old skirt  // SANDRO bag  //  H&M boots

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