#beauty: Everything You Need to Know About Mineral Makeup  || For every modern woman that takes good care of herself, mineral makeup is the absolute must-have. However, you may find yourself lost in tons of information, not knowing in which products should you invest, what are the ones suitable for your skin and how are you supposed to apply them. Sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered. Here are the key things you should know about this healthy natural makeup trend.   

Light and easy structure

Mineral products bind to skin’s natural oils, not water – as other makeup products do. They let your skin breathe as they do not block up your pores. Unlike the traditional makeup, mineral makeup leaves you with a natural look, as if you have a new, healthy layer of skin, with every single imperfection removed.

The most natural cosmetic choiceEverything You Need to Know About Mineral Makeup-ivaniasmode-1

Mineral makeup contains micronized minerals, such as iron oxides, zinc oxide, talc and titanium dioxide (ensures SPF). As opposed to the traditional makeup, mineral makeup doesn’t contain harmful chemicals (e.g. parabens). Your skin is left looking completely natural and healthy. However, don’t be too lazy to read the list of ingredients on products. Many cosmetic companies call their products mineral when in fact – they are only enriched with minerals and the rest of the formula stayed the same, including the potentially harmful additives. Invest in trustworthy products that have their ingredients clearly displayed, such as the new mineral makeup lines by Skin Matrix, rich in natural oils (lime, peppermint, peel oil) and nourishing extracts (malachite, hematite). Beauty bloggers are simply crazy about these new mineral products: the combination of light structure, healthy ingredients and the amazing covering power creates a stunning natural look!

There are products for every skin type  

Contrary to popular belief, you can choose from a wide range of products when it comes to mineral makeup: from powder foundations, bases and blushes, to eye shadows and mascaras. Although originally mineral makeup existed only in solid form, now you can enjoy liquid mineral foundations, too. Every skin type has its specific needs and the light and balanced formula of mineral makeup is perfect for oily, dry, combined and sensitive skin. For example, oily skin will enjoy a foundation that contains kaolin clay, while dry skin should avoid this ingredient. For dry skin, you can spritz a dash of hydrating water.  Mineral makeup like Avanheart is tender to your skin because it’s alcohol-free and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, preservatives and perfumes. It has been proved to be beneficial for acne prone skin and even skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

Mineral makeup applies differently than the traditional one

It takes a different technique to apply mineral makeup, than what you’re used to with the conventional one. For best results, prep your skin with cleansing and moisturizing. After your skin soaks in all of your moisturizer, you can start applying your mineral products. If there are some imperfections that really pain your eye, use your concealer before applying a mineral powder foundation. Keep in mind that mineral makeup requires gradual applying. Use small amounts, since they are more than enough for a polished look. If you wish for a more covered look, layering is the way to go. Simply blend everything in with a brush, starting from the middle and working your way to the edges of your face. Use short and circular motions for an evened out look.Everything You Need to Know About Mineral Makeup-ivaniasmode-2

Mineral products make a great choice for women who enjoy wearing makeup, but simply cannot stand heavy products. What are your mineral favorites?  


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