#Society: EMMA WATSON VANITY FAIR || Emma Watson… Oh my…
Well, that was the first thing it popped into my head when I saw the cover story from Vanity Fair March: “Emma Watson, Rebel Belle”

She looks absolutely stunning and the photographs by Tim Walker and styling by Jessica Diehl, are impeccable. It is truly a piece of art that reflects a broken and hidden side of “Beauty and the Beast”, where Emma, is the star, Belle.

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The article talks about Miss Watson’s story, and the way that she sees life. We all know her from the iconic role of Hermione Granger. The smart little witch, in Hogwarts, that was a fearless leader, courageous, strong, intelligent, and kind, that helped Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley defeat Lord Voldemort.

She entered our minds and hearts, and became the inspiration for many children that follow her code in life.

But she is now a different person. Yes, she is still all those things, but she as evolved to someone that makes an impact, with a feminist point of view. Figuratively. Emma is a 26 year old U.N. Ambassador. Her most notorious creation about this subject was the #HeForShe campaign. Where in a passionate speech, she invites all men to join feminism and be together and united in feminist objectives. The biggest of all?! Women are equal to men. It was a moment of connection and union, strong and impactful.

She has a book club called Our Shared Shelf, where she empowers people from all over the world to pick up a book, and just engage in a world where worlds become a reality, and characters become our family.

And there is still more, as mentioned in this article, she is representing the iconic Belle, of Beauty and the Beast. Singing, dancing, performing,… This Lady can do it all.

However, the photos taken for this issue of Vanity Fair, are receiving some criticism. Emma decided to not wear a bra and show a bit of the breasts in a white bolero by Burberry.

“How can she claim to be a feminist and do a photo shot where she shows breasts?” Actually it is because she is a feminists and because of other feminists like Gloria Steinem, that came before her, that she has the freedom to portray her body the way that she sees fit.

Feminism is not about body shaming. To point fingers at someone that is doing art in form of photography, freely, and with the clear belief that fashion and acting deserve dedication. She motivates human beings to be themselves and cultivates education, intelligence, and also freedom to express our art with our body.

Feminism is about accepting the person that covers her body and the person that does not. It is to respect women that feel good about showing their body with pride. It is also about respect for those who wish to do the opposite.

Sexualising something to give a message that the body is the only important thing for the world can be misleading and leave people discouraged to pursuit others things other than a perfection that doesn’t exist.

But to show art, passion, love and balance in a project makes so much sense.

Feminism also calls out something important in this. Breast are only sexual, for the eyes of somebody that is feeling that. Because “female” breasts should have the same treatment as “male” breasts. Women should be able to wear what they want without being labelled as prudes, or the reverse. Just as it normally happens to men.

Yes, the photo shoot is magical, and powerful. Fashion wise, beauty wise, empowerment wise, and so many things. Emma is the representation of a feminist. A feminist that has reached a level of confidence that allows her to be exactly who she is…

Owner of AvanHeart Cosmetics. Vegan, feminist, human rights fighter.