EMILIE SOBELS. 26 years old || A young talent. Pretty, absolutely creative and impressive. We asked Fashiolista fashion director a thing or six – so that you could get to know her a little better! Voilà!

Here, EMILIE SOBELS shares her must-haves.

EMILIE SOBELS FASHION DIRECTOR OF FASHIOLISTAwork daily routineI start my day with a daily morning meeting with my team to discuss their workload for the day. We prioritize and discuss briefly what they did the day before and what they are currently working on. After that I nestle myself behind my desk with a cup of hot tea and answer emails until noon. I usually head out to buy some ingredients at the local supermarket with colleagues and prep a nice salad or sandwich in our open kitchen. We’ve got a long kitchen table that fits approx. half of our team so we usually lunch in shifts. It’s always a loud and busy affair, weekend plans and other fun activities are being discussed and it’s nice to chat with your colleagues about other things than work. A caffeine fix gets me ready for brainstorm meetings with our teams, either at Fashiolista or at Fashiolista Agency, and meetings with brands or other possible partners. The day ends with a bunch of emails and preparation plans for events or other meetings.

coffee spots in amsterdam

There are so many nice coffee hot spots in Amsterdam, but I certainly have a few favorites. During my lunch break I like to head to Louis, which is close by and very urban and raw. They also serve a nice lunch.

Another place I really like for coffee is Vinnies on the Haarlemmerstraat, it’s a cute and cozy cafe that has super healthy quinoa and chickpea salads and they’re the perfect place to catch up with a friend during the weekend.

For green shakes and vitamin boosted drinks, head to Dr. Blend. He stirs up amazing beetroot, carrot and ginger shakes and will always add a smile to your face.

All places are in the Jordaan area, which is where I live and our office is located.

favorite trend

I love the sporty white sneaker trend, it’s so comfortable and it’s a great change from wearing heels. I also really like now that Fall is coming to Amsterdam to be wearing capes, big shawls and colorful beanies with an all-black look.

emilie sobels - favorites

 I cannot live without my black jeans, a simple loose fitted stripey tee, my Alexander Wang Jane bag and my yellow LHR sunnies from Dick Moby.

 Emilie // Photo credit Hüsne Afsar 



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