#BeautyxLife: EDITOR’S NOTE #3 – Yes, We Can! || To possess wisdom and knowledge, is not to be afraid of change and embrace new opportunities. In a world that is constantly changing, we try to make those changes positive. I think that nothing happens by chance, and all the people that come into my life, are there for a reason. Things always happen for a reason.

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In ISM, it is the same.

Some things change, and I can see the positive side about it. To be honest, I really believe that if “something failed” it’s because a better thing is just around the corner.
I could give several examples but, today I want to concentrate in one news that can and will be shared with enthusiasm!

There is a woman that I really admire, and she is not a total stranger around here. (this is what I am talking about)

I had the pleasure of meeting here personally… I met her in 2010. She offered me my first red lipstick from Makeup4ever. We both made a tv interview at the same program in the same day. We were never best friends, but we always followed each other’s evolution. I went to Luxembourg to live, and she went to London. We both have dreams bigger than the world itself. We both believe in one another.

One day, I “woke up” to the news that she had launched her brand of cosmetics – a company! But not any brand, a very special one… Because she believes in it’s potential, because she works hard, because she does it with a heart, because her products are vegan and eco-friendly, because… it is cruelty free.
That day I was so proud of her, and I know it is going to grow even more.

Rita, is her name.


She was a law student with a deep passion for makeup. After, she became a freelance makeup artist and head makeup artist for The Body Shop Portugal. Nowadays, she fights for human rights and the protection of the planet, she is an entrepreneur, and much more (you can read the biography here).

Rita is also our new Beauty Editor. And you can not imagine how happy I am!

She will have all the freedom to expose her vision and knowledge in her articles. And I know we all will learn something with her.


Ivânia S.

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