#EDITOR’S NOTE: Make a coffee break and listen to us.

We can risk (what would life be without risks?!) and dare to say: we are tired of rules. There are rules for everything, everywhere. Rules made by the society, and many of them are rules of bullshit. After all, where is freedom and “Je suis Charlie“?

Wait. Indeed, freedom exists for many. But keep in mind one thing, we are just talking about the digital world – because the real world is even more complicated.

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Lately hundreds of blogs have as content teaching its readers: how to become a true fashion blogger; how to succeed with your blog, how to increase traffic; blah blah blah…

One of the rules: it is mandatory to have a good camera and a photographer for their ootd posts, etc. Required. End.
And we say: Bullshit And yes, it is in this example we want to talk …
Seriously, we could give many examples of bloggers celebrities and bloggers with great style with amazing pictures taken only with your phone. They own often create a post with just one look photo of the day, made in the corner of the wooden floor room and white wall, faceless editing and believe in us have much more successful and interesting content than many that purposely dress to photograph a “look for the blog” with your photographer.

Please forget the rules. Working hard does not mean being a slave to …
It does not mean they have to create editorials every day to look professional and even to share their daily looks. If you have a style “wow” and good content will succeed. The time will come. As simple as that. Of course, if you had the opportunity to work with / for a brand to do your best photographic editorial!
But in addition, are free to be yourselves. Do not follow rules created by others that you may not always lead somewhere. Create your, follow your hearts and your ideas.

Ivânia broke the rules. She just broke. Photos of some of their most recent articles were taken with her phone. No stresses, no schedules, no bullshit. It just says “gets on my phone and take some pictures to my look there on that street, for example.” She lived years “pursued” with the idea she had to shoot every day, and try to be creative with their looks to feed the old blog. That ended when she decided to abandon it. Things were changing. And now, she can separate a simple sharing of a look of the day of a scheduled editorial. Both can be shared and appreciated.

Do what you like and wherever you want! Be free in your own hobby or work. Never a slave.




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