#FashionWeek: DORHOUT MEES Fall 2016 – PARIS FASHION WEEK ||  ♥ Forest Goddess ♥

In a sort of a futuristic balm with an exuberant animally themed collection Dorhout Mees has staged her collection in Paris for the very first time. Contact lenses dissimulated the eyes of the models made their faces obnoxious and sweetly strange as the collection itself. A beautiful miss mess I must say. Couture silhouettes, 3D print patterns, fake leather gloves as a second skin, an exhilarated soundtrack strong enough to shift the mood to the amazing knitwear pieces.

Understanding all that and you suddenly get that Dorhout Mees is Netherlands hidden gem that probably would be fun to watch in the seasons ahead, let’s see if she is able to do more street and less drama. Even thought that I am with another girl, as that fairy striking looks have blown my mind. And maybe this show was one of the best underground surprises of the season.Dorhout Mees Fall 2016 - ivaniasmodeDorhout Mees Fall 2016 - ivaniasmode- 2

Collage (and pics) by Ivânia S. // Photos by Dominique Maitre


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