#beauty vs health: DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR || Working in an office or at home (all day) can’t always be associated with quality of life – how people in general think it is – especially when the subject is: inactivity. Be sitting hours and hours followed throughout the day in front of a computer and lots of notebooks is by no means a good lifestyle. Thus, all of us working in this way, we have to devote some of our time for physical exercise or some hiking. But that’s enough? It may be to some, but to our editor-in-chief, there is a product she can’t live without since met a few weeks ago in a press day in Antwerp…


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To be more exact we speak precisely of cooling lotion for tired legs: Doctor Babor Body Cellular – Ultimate Cooling Leg Refiner.
That’s what we all need to deal with the feeling of heaviness in the legs that happen for several reasons: lack of exercise, sitting or standing for long periods, tight clothes, high heels and extreme heat. All of this results in a feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the legs. Excess of weight and / or age related with weakness gene can also lead to the same sensation.

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To know:

With active ingredients as extract of seaweed purple / red, menthol, frescolat and others, this product provides a sense of long-lasting freshness and really relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs. It also contains vitamin E, and should be applied every morning or evening after the shower.


Fully recommended by our editor-in-chief (regular use) and by another member of the team after had tried in exhausting days.

Available HERE.

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