Coincidence or not, some delays in the conclusion of the new design/concept cause a new launch – a new fresh start – exactly two months to celebrate the first two years of the ISM. I say the first years, because here – and came from the heart – this history will have so many long years.

It is also relevant add to this note, how important it is that my name not be confused or mentioned as an author of a blog. So many of you know me from other times, during 5/6 years I wrote and shared a lot of things on a blog, most of the time, while I lived in Portugal. But this is absolutely past.
Currently, and so will be both in the present and the future: I’m the founder, the criative mind and the director of a international website (located in Luxembourg – where we later have our headquarters / office), written in Portuguese and English, and read by the people from all corners of the world.

“ISM started as a passion project with the blogging experience and aim to go far beyond the world of blogging.

Re-launched in terms of design and concept, is currently an editorial website, which has evolved to explore all things behind (and in front), of the scenes: fashion, lifestyle and culture – highly personalized.
We go a step further in the analysis of the creative process, inspiration and influence of our times.
More than an online magazine – a movement – founded with the aim of providing to people an elegant source of inspiration on a daily basis – exploring a variety of categories. It is also a personal style story, documenting Ivânia Santos’s daily wardrobe choices.
We are obsessed with entertaining and improve the lives of people in general, through interesting content and interactive commerce.”

Here, we work with total professionalism, but also we feel free to write / address several current issues present in the society. As a revolutionary I am, I will always focus on themes that I believe for the opening of the minds.

Are all very welcome, and enjoy each share. Thank you very much.



Founder, CEO & Editor-in-chief