DIANA VINHA. 29 years old || I am of the opinion that Portuguese people have talent. Talent in numerous areas, for numerous things … and many with unparalleled talent. Many inspire others just with their presence, their existence. And I truly believe that Diana is one of a kind! one of those people that do not pass unnoticed at all on the street… is beautiful, has a very proper style, and i would say that she is a woman of “seven offices”, because all of her professions are interconnected. She and her sister (another inspiration) are the duo behind the PRETTY EXQUISITE. I already mentioned her in the article “10 PORTUGUESE BLOGS YOU NEED TO KNOW” and now I go back to reference both, but this time separately. Today we start with style, with a blonde woman making fashion with her lifestyle … from daytime to night, mixing the hobby with the professional in a very smart.

Here, DIANA shares her must-haves.

I believe that the must have pieces are connected to what makes our personal closet more versatile and/or complete, and enhances our figure and personal style. So, my must haves must and should be different from everybody else’s. My must haves aren’t really a necessity, but more of a whim and consist on:

DIANA VINHA_IvaniasmodeDIANA VINHA_ivaniasmode-1I can´t really recon a normal and daily work routine, since my days are very different, but since I started working for Farfetch a year and a half ago, I have a few “normal” days per week, in which I get up at 06:45, I get dressed, have a cappuccino and go to the shuttle that takes me to work. I only have breakfast at work at 11 am, because I can´t eat immediately after I wake up. These so called normal days, consist on having an early kaizen meeting, followed by preparing rails of clothing at logistics, going to the studio to shoot them and doing the process all over again. I style circa 90 outfits per day. On the other atypical days I can either wake up very early or very late, depending on the type and amount of work I have to do, and either stay at home writing, answering emails or Skype calls, going to stores to gather clothes or magazines, or going to my studio.

DIANA VINHA_ivaniasmode-3



I must confess I’m not a big fan on the whole trend connotation (on a personal and even on an image consulting point view)! Of course I wear and buy pieces that are very “in” but only because they fit me. I’m a very big fan of the vintage and second hand universe, so that kind of complicates things in terms of being trendy sometimes, unless the trend piece is part of my wish list on a particular moment.

DIANA VINHA_ivaniasmode-4

Sleeping at least 8 hours per night, followed by really good cosmetics and weekly treatments for my skin. I don´t really wear a lot of make up (concealer, mascara, blush, and that´s it) so I try to keep my skin as healthy as possible, naturally.DIANA VINHA_ivaniasmode-2

I would have to say, a lot of clothing, accessories and shoes in general. I like to have plenty of options to choose from. I´m not one of those people who can go by life with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, and pull it off too, unfortunately. But, if I had to name just a few, I would say a trench coat, black and dark blue tights, stripped t-shirts (I can´t have enough of them) masculine shoes and a lot of color!EXTRAS


Image Consultant & Co-Founder of Pretty Exquisite Image Consulting // Freelance stylist // Stylist at farfetch.com // Fashion Blogger // Amateur Foodie

How would you describe your style?

Very eclectic, fun and colorful.

What is Your Favorite Portuguese Designer?

Luís Buchinho without a shadow of a doubt!

Your favorite travel so far and why? And your favorite city in the world?

I would have to say Amsterdam, although for years I thought it would be New York, but after my trip to the big apple I was very disappointed (probably because I had really high expectations). The reason why I loved Amsterdam so much, despite of the horrible and constant rain, was the fact that you can pretty much go anywhere by bicycle, the people are very young, nice and really good looking, the food is great, and I really felt at home, which didn’t happen in any other place that I`ve been to, except for Porto which of course is my favorite city in the whole world. You just can`t buy our kind of quality of life.

What is Your Favorite Place in Your House?

Well, I think I pretty much like every single corner of my house, since it’s becoming the house that I’ve always wanted to have when was older. I’ve recently developed a preference for my new pink couch, but all in all, I would have to say my closet-bedroom of course!

Oh Diana! We  LOVE it!DIANA VINHA_ivaniasmode-5DIANA VINHA_ivaniasmode-7DIANA VINHA-ivaniasmode-6


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