#Beauty: DENTAL HEALTH & METABOLISM || When discussing the topic of dental health, most people focus on all the wrong things. While some people assume that this problem is purely aesthetic, others, with more of a holistic approach, come to realize that this can have the impact on the rest of their body as well. One of the examples of this is the connection between poor mental health and problems with one’s metabolism. While poor dental health doesn’t necessarily cause metabolic problems, both things usually have the same root i.e. the poor dietary choices and overall unhealthy lifestyle. Here are few ways in which your metabolism and dental health are related.

Too Much Sugar

Every dentist can tell you that eating too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The effects of fructose on your body can be even more dangerous than that. For example, apart from making you gain weight and cause an addiction it can also cause your body to become insulin resistant. Now the amount of sugar necessary for such a thing would have to be quite significant. On the other hand, when you take into consideration that an average Australian consumes 52 grams of sugar per day (roughly 12 teaspoons) things are much easier to put into perspective. Furthermore, recent studies show that sugar is the sole cause of tooth decay, which put into perspective means that people with this dental disease probably have metabolic problems as well.

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Weakening Your Immunity

Another thing fructose rich foods can do is make your body resistant to leptin which is one of the most important hormones in your body. According to a 2012 research, leptin is in direct correlation with immune responses which occur due to the inflammation of the dental pulp. This means that the less responsive you are to leptin, more severe your dental pulp inflammations are going to be. Now, for your body, leptin regulates your body weight and it is key in the production of fat cells. Put simply, leptin is that trigger that is supposed to inform our body that we no longer need to eat. From this, we can deduce that people with eating disorder have the greater chance to suffer from the aforementioned dental problems.


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Crooked Teeth

When it comes to crooked teeth there are numerous potential causes. Some of them are genetic, others are situational (jaw injuries), but there are also some circumstances where metabolic problems can play their part. Now, we already mentioned that tooth decay is usually an indicator of problems within the metabolism. Young children suffering from metabolic disorders can sometimes start losing their baby teeth quite early. This problem is one of the main reasons behind one having crooked teeth later in life.

In most cases, this is treated with braces, which ,although completely safe can be quite inconvenient and cause a no small amount of unpleasantness. A revolutionary alternative Invisalign is a big thing in Sydney and entire Australia. This orthodontic device does pretty much the same thing as braces but causes much less inconvenience to the one wearing it.


As a conclusion, the most reliable way to prevent both your metabolic and dental problems is to start trying to treat them separately and assume a more holistic approach. Healthy mouth, good metabolism and good mental health should not be separate categories based on which you evaluate the condition of your mind and body. All of them should be a part of a greater whole. Once you start looking at things from this perspective and change your lifestyle to match this attitude a lot of your problems are going to disappear on their own.

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