#Fashion: DCEMBER – A VEGAN BRAND OF HANDBAGS || I saw this brand for the first time a few days ago on a Press Day in Antwerp. I must admit that I never heard about it before, but as soon as my eyes spotted the handbags in a corner of the showroom, I was totally interested…

Also available in Portuguese (PT)

“The handbags are vegan!” – it was the first thing I heard. An I immediately thought about this girl. They are vegan, sustainable and made with natural materials.

“A DCEMBER bag is a lifetime piece with endless possibilities day by day, all over again.”


It’s so true! The handbags are versatile, classic, and high quality. And it shows straight away.
DCEMBER is a design brand based in Antwerp (Belgium) founded by the designer Folien Penard and her husband Olivier.


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