#Beauty: CRUELTY FREE? VEGAN? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? || We live in a beauty world that is expanding and adapting to new trends. Some better than others, but definitely, a brand being cruelty free or vegan is the way to go. As customers we often get confused about the two terms. What do they actually mean?

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Are they connected or not?

ISM tells you the difference so you can chose what is best for you and for your values.

Vegan Cosmetics:

Buying a vegan beauty product means that the product itself does not have anything that comes from an animal or animal derived-ingredients, for example beewax, carmine, gelatin, …. There are many others. It is great that brands create these vegan products, since the consumption of vegan products in the UK, for example in 2015 had an increase of 1500%, so they know customers like you care about the safety of animals.

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But being vegan does not mean that the product is cruelty-free. It just means that nothing that comes from animals are in that beauty product.

Cruelty-free Cosmetics:

To acquire a cruelty-free cosmetic, means that for the creation of the product no animal testing was done. It also means that the ingredients that make the product, were not tested on animals by the suppliers. So, with this product you can be assured that Nature and sentient being were respected, and not harmed in any way.
Cruelty-free does not mean that the product itself is vegan. So the makeup you are going to buy, might be cruelty-free but might also have ingredients like the one’s me mentioned above. (beeswax, carmine, gelatin,…)

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So now you know the difference and you can chose wisely and understand what is actually important for you! So go ahead and make this day a great day!

Here are some beauty vegan products and cruelty-free products…

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Grande Hotel Cafe Too Faced – Cruelty-free – HERE


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Grande Hotel Cafe Too Faced – Cruelty-free – HERE

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