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#Health: COUTO MEDICINAL TOOTHPASTE || The “Pasta Medicinal Couto” was created and launched in 1932 by Alberto Ferreira Couto (with the help of a dentist friend) in order to fight gum problems that were caused by syphilis.
More than 8 decades later it remains one of the most popular Portuguese products. It has achieved popularity through the unquestioned quality of the product, along with the original and retro design of the famous packaging. But let’s not forget the memorable TV spots and the original and super creative ads that have been “on everyone’s lips”. Who has not heard of this wonderful toothpaste? Extraordinarily fresh and mentholated flavor, with the peculiarity of not being tested on animals.

And it is because it is such a special product and made in Portugal that it is important for us that our readers from the four corners of the world know about it.

Currently, the brand continues to guarantee its originality, design, quality and the same formula.

There are many points of sale in Portugal, so if you are passing through this wonderful country do not forget to buy one or two packages.

Product weight: 25 & 60 gr.
Price: about 2.35 € (25g)

Made in Portugal
One of the most powerful dental creams
Vintage Original Package


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