#life: COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS || Although I have black and white (and red, of course) as my favorite colors for 15 years, I cannot say I don’t love colorful things! The truth is that I love! If you don’t know it yet, I am a girl of the arts. Art is my true passion, and of course this includes everything! I studied arts when I went to high school, but since my childhood I loved to paint, draw, create … and I went through a time where painted tissues and I’m seriously considering do it again!
I must always have at home a lot of materials, from color or coal pencils to paper piles, among other materials for visual arts. Even though in recent years I did not do anything, I know I will return to enjoy my “artistic voice”. Creativity hasn’t run away, I’ve been using it in other purposes!

Now as you can imagine, I was crazy when I saw a wooden box filled with pencils and drawing materials, in our room in Paris. To be honest, and not wanting to be too repetitive, that apartment we found through Home Away, is without doubt the perfect apartment for me! I have dreamed of it every night, and how my life would be more colorful if I lived there.
I do not know how I’ve lived without this blue floor, and the green wall of the bedroom. I think we have to go back to the apartment some weekends throughout the year! Just rent it for a couple of days…COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-1COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-6COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-4COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-2COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-5COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-8COLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmodeCOLOURFUL LIFE IN PARIS-ivaniasmode-7

This morning, I used this vintage dress with the perfect cut of the 60s! What do you think?

Wearing: Vintage dress from RICH BICH   //  ASOS heels – similar HERE & HERE (in other colors)

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