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#Beauty: COLLISTAR AFTER-SUN – Body balm in the shower || From sprays, creams and lotions, to even gels, the post-suns come in many forms. But how to choose one ?! At a minimum, you need a product that provides nutrition, hydration, and reduction of redness, without forgetting of course the prevention of desquamation on dry skin.

But above all, and before you think about buying an aftersun, remember that it is always best to protect yourself first with a great sunscreen. And drink plenty of water too! (this was just a reminder)

We tested this aftersun – MOISTURIZING RESTORING AFTER-SUN BODY BALM IN THE SHOWER – and the first thing to note is the fact that, it is absorved by the skin super fast. It also works quickly after application, that is, soothes redness and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

It can be a good bet, comparing the quality, quantity and price of the product.


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