#Lifestyle: COFFEE DU JOUR || Coffee is a kind of vitamin for almost everyone who is part of the ISM, and we bet you guys on the other side of the screen as well, and it’s obviously that I could not write this without having a cup of coffee on the table. Hmm, can you smell? (laughs)

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And if the topic is coffee I have to tell you one thing: The best coffee in Luxembourg is the KnopesPlease do not come with “mimimi” because this is undoubtedly the best coffee ever. And the best cappuccino in town. You guys have no idea how many times I get disappointed when I ask a cappuccino elsewhere and … well, I think most people do not know the true meaning of cappuccino. And that’s a problem! This is really serious guys! Make an effort to better prepare a cappuccino, but please first, the taste.

So the coffee of the day is … (roll of drums): the KNOPES, of course. I hope I can start a list soon, but for now I’m still not convinced.


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