#life: A COFFEE BREAK OUTSIDE HELPS CREATIVE MINDS  || Staying away from home or office has an amazing effect on the creative mind. Obviously, the creative minds are already aware that working in very quiet environments helps you focus. When trying to solve or perform detailed work, a little annoying noise is enough to break our concentration. But … Have you noticed how creativity is at risk of disappearing if it remains in the same place, environment or routine for a long time? Exact! That’s the point.

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No wonder that, historically, some of the greatest writers and artists frequented cafes and bars to get inspired and generate amazing ideas. Fernando Pessoa, J. K. Rowling, Pablo Picasso, among many others.

It may be the smell of fresh coffee and drink a dose of caffeine that triggers creativity, but it is actually much more than that. Drinking coffee is already a habit of creative people, but the fact of being out of the routine makes people receptive to new information. That is, if you change your comfort zone for a more dynamic place, you will stimulate your mind and creativity.
Cafes and bars are the perfect spots to … the ideal is to sit in a place with view to all movements, in order to observe and to have the opportunity to interact with others.

Take a break out for coffee, that certainly will release your mind. Make notes of your ideas and go forward.

Photo by Ivânia Santos 〈〈Café Des Capucins – Luxembourg city〉〉


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