#Campaigns: CHRISTIAN PAUL WATCHES – JUST IN TIME! 🌸 🌺 || Spring has come, finally. Although it is a sign that time has flown, and this is not always good. What I mean is that it depends on the expectations we have and the deadlines we put on our life goals.

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However, on the other hand, it is possible to see the positive side of things, even if we are fighting against time. And what is good with the arrival of Spring ?! Flowers! Flowers everywhere. The days that become a little longer. Sun! Or hope for less rainy days. The return to coffee breaks on terraces.

Waking up very early is not difficult because … guess what, at 6 in the morning the sun is already lurking. And let’s be honest, that gives an extra motivation to get out of bed!

With Spring come allergies, but also the desire to renovate the closet and to do a general cleaning in the house. To buy new flowered dresses, and use fresher pieces.

It is time to give freedom to your arms, without having to wear a thousand and one winter coats. It’s time to wear t-shirts! Well, that’s what my doctor says: “Ivânia, in March you start wearing just t-shirts! You need a lot of vitamin D!” I think she forgets in what geographical area we live. It’s sunny, but it’s cold… But I swear I try to use them!

Lastly, nothing better than a good accessory on the wrist for greater motivation. And watches are to me the best accessory. A real must-have!

Here we celebrate the arrival of Spring, at teatime, with French pastries and lots of fruit (including banana from Madeira !!) while enjoying good pieces of watchmaking. These watches, both Christian Paul and made in Australia, are what we consider affordable luxury. And they are also, a statement piece that works with any style.

Watches available HERE

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