Oporto Cool

September 9th, 2016|LIFE, LOOKS, PORTUGAL, TRAVELS|

#travel: OPORTO COOL || Visit Oporto, even if it’s only for a couple of hours it’s always something delightful to do. The city besides extremely beautiful and interesting is a [...]

Pink Wall

August 21st, 2016|LOOKS, PORTUGAL|

#looks: Pink Wall || Back to Portugal is to shoot all the colored walls and tiled walls ... is enjoy delicious things and pay little (compared to prices usually paid [...]


August 19th, 2016|LOOKS, PORTUGAL, TRAVELS|

#lifestyle: Mid-August || We are in the middle of August and I am in Portugal, apparently an initial return, but now with the certainty of being just one visit. Something [...]

5 Coffee Shops To Visit In Lisbon

July 17th, 2016|CITY GUIDE, PORTUGAL|

#cityguide: 5 COFFEE SHOPS TO VISIT IN LISBON || Although Lisbon has always been known for its amazing buildings and beautiful light, nowadays the coffee shops are really thinking over [...]


August 30th, 2015|PORTUGAL, TRAVELS, TREND|

SOUVENIRS FROM PORTUGAL || It's funny the euphoria and the value we place on things as ours, of our culture ... when we are far away from it. I said [...]


August 25th, 2015|PORTUGAL, TRAVELS|

#Vacances: BEACH LIFE || For someone who always considered herself a daughter of the sea, two years without feel, see or even smell it was too long. It hurts. Believe [...]


August 21st, 2015|PORTUGAL, TRAVELS|

#Vacances: A MORNING IN PORTO || In my "return" to Portugal one of my goals was to visit the Café Majestic. I was eager to come and enjoy the space [...]


August 15th, 2015|PORTUGAL, TRAVELS|

A quick update: BARCELOS CRAFT FAIR || I remember that as a child, always visiting the Fair of Crafts in my homeland (Barcelos, the handicraft capital and known as the [...]


August 14th, 2015|PORTUGAL, TRAVELS|

#Vacances: PORTO SNAPSHOTS || First of all I have to say how much I enjoyed myself yesterday! It is good to see people for whom we have a great affection, [...]

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