A New Chapter

January 10th, 2017|LIFESTYLE, LOOKS|

#Life: A NEW CHAPTER || We are in the second week of the year and my silence has been noted since day one, but I wanted to start the year [...]

Winter Break


#Travels: WINTER BREAK || New York, London, Bora Bora, Hong Kong, Chicago, Venice... if you are searching for some Winter sun, beaches, or even certain cities with good food, culture, [...]

Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

January 1st, 2017|INSPIRATION|

#Words: GOODBYE 2016 - HELLO 2017 || This is the best way to end another year. The best way we found to say goodbye to a year full of learning [...]

15 Images To Get Inspired – No.5

December 31st, 2016|INSPIRATION, LIFESTYLE|

#Inspiration: 15 IMAGES TO GET INSPIRED – No.5 || These are some of the most beautiful images seen on the internet, that make the last month of the year even [...]

Speak Your Heart Awareness Campaign

December 29th, 2016|LIFE, PEOPLE|

#Support: WELCOME TO THE SPEAK YOUR HEART AWARENESS CAMPAIGN! || Speak Your Heart EU Campaign, is a social photography project, that wants to create awareness to the refugees leaving Syria [...]

The 10 Best Christmas Movies that You Should Watch Now

December 24th, 2016|CULTURE, LIFESTYLE|

#ChristmasSeason: THE BEST 10 CHRISTMAS MOVIES THAT YOU SHOULD WATCH NOW || We could say it is a Christmas tradition. These are the movies that every year we watch during [...]

The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees

December 20th, 2016|INSPIRATION, LIFESTYLE|

#Christmas: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREES || To decorate the Christmas Tree is probably the most frequent way to embrace Christmas. And it is tradition around the world. Also available [...]

Camel Coat & Christmas Markets

December 6th, 2016|LIFESTYLE, LOOKS|

#Looks: CAMEL COAT & CHRISTMAS MARKETS || Saturdays are a sacred day where me and my son are always going to get a hot drink at one of our favourite [...]

Coffee Break – Weekend Reads #1

December 5th, 2016|LIFESTYLE|

#Lifestyle: COFFEE BREAK – WEEKEND READS #1 || A break for coffee in a pleasant environment, is the best moment to catch up on your reading. If you opt for [...]

Ideas For Comfortable and Minimalist Bedrooms

November 24th, 2016|DECOR, INSPIRATION|

#Decor: IDEAS FOR COMFORTABLE AND MINIMALIST BEDROOMS || Spaces where the white colour reins, are more and more wanted and praised. The truth is that they are truly inspiring, and [...]

Stop Worrying About What Other People Think


#Life: STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK || We can control our attitudes, but we cannot control how other people react to them. Having this notion is one thing, [...]

Editor’s Note #3

November 14th, 2016|BEAUTY, LIFE|

#BeautyxLife: EDITOR'S NOTE #3 - Yes, We Can! || To possess wisdom and knowledge, is not to be afraid of change and embrace new opportunities. In a world that is [...]

3 Luxembourg Instagrammers You Should Follow

November 9th, 2016|INSPIRATION|

#People: 3 LUXEMBOURG INSTAGRAMMERS YOU SHOULD FOLLOW || Luxembourg is particularly petit but still is very photogenic. From beautiful architecture, trendy cafes, delicious food, these instagrammers bring us the best of [...]

Picasso And Animals – Ceramics And Graphic Works

November 8th, 2016|ART & CULTURE, LIFESTYLE|

#Art: PICASSO AND ANIMALS - CERAMICS AND GRAPHIC WORKS || For the art lovers, there is an incredible and unprecedented exhibition in Luxembourg, not to be missed: the exhibition of [...]

Question No.1

November 6th, 2016|LIFE|

#Life: QUESTION No. 1 || Ladies, close your eyes and imagine you have a daughter who is dating a guy just like your current man. Would you be happy for [...]

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