#gossip: BEYONCÉ’S PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IS THE MOST LIKED INSTAGRAM OF ALL TIME || In case you haven’t heard (yet), Beyonce is pregnant. After a week of rumours that indicated that Beyonce was dead a few years ago, and that this was just a clone, here comes an announcement with good news. Bey shared an image on Instagram, officially announcing that she is pregnant of twins.

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This revelation has become one of the highlights of Instagram, or even the biggest and most emotional one. With almost 8 million likes in less than 24h, this publication is nowadays the most popular photo of all time (9 991 912 likes!). And yes it is a “bomb”! Because, let’s be honest, though the fanatics and lovers of the celebrity (in a good way) were crazy about the news, announcements of pregnant ladies exist all over the world. And we are happy for all pregnant ladies out there!

Congratulations to the parents. And let’s wait to see the next most popular photo, if that is possible…

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