#life: Why Is It Better To Marry After 30  || Married after 30, is certainly the ideal for our generation by several facts. Although our parents and grandparents may seem like a huge stupidity and senseless, because in the 21st century, we still live in a society that sees and compares people over 30 years as the sad, poor things, or ” leftovers “who would not have a serious commitment. Obviously this affects women. And indeed, there is a kind of pressure in our culture.

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But let’s open our eyes and minds, the world is changing at the speed of light (ok, not that much!) And now it’s very different from the time of our parents. 30 years ago, married and create family was something almost mandatory for many young people (although there is nothing wrong with that), and when a couple get divorced was something very bad for the rest of the family. All based on “what others will think about it?”

Let’s forget it, even those who are still very conservative families.

If you are among those who are close to or more than 30 and not yet married as required by the “law”, and is already like one of the ladies of the “Fri and The City”, be happy with it. Just be happy.

Here are some more reasons why you should be happy and relieved, and safe thought that married after the 30 is actually better:

  • We all know – or almost all – that first loves and passions are incredible. However also they tend to be very emotional and carnal relations and little rational. The later relationships, have a better balance between the emotional and rational.
  • Surely in the twenties, the financial life is a real disaster, and now up to 30 can be. Or because the student life lasted, or because professional life goes unbalanced. So, after 30 we have another view of life, strive for professional stability and achievement of dreams and goals more than ever. It makes sense that our economic power begins to be much larger than in previous years. Also, a wedding includes expenses and many responsibilities. Do you really believe in love and a cabin? Do not think about it.
  • Throughout your life witnessed weddings, and have probably seen some of these early marriages fall apart. Witnessing mistakes of others is a learning process. It will make you think twice or three times when you feel that your time has come.

Did this somehow change your thoughts?

Now get some inspiration for when your time to go to the church arrive!

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