#lingerie: BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE, that’s a fact, so it is often said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The beauty can lead us to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being, as well as an experience of pleasure or satisfaction, if only in a visual level. We can and should admire the beautiful things, whether natural, or produced.

The question is: should we bear the beauty?

I think we should flaunt it; but what I really mean by that is that you should not try to hide your beauty just to avoid situations where people can feel threatened or uncomfortable for you. But everything has a limit, if we are aware of. And as you know, in most cases less is more.#lingerie- BEAUTY IS SUBJECTIVE_ivaniasmode-2

Feeling comfortable in your body is the most important, but should not make it a rule to a point of showing too much and trying to raise your ego while deflecting other egos.

Definitely make the most of what you have to better highlight the best parts of the body are part of the “game”, so with everybody in general. Or do you really think the celebrities you love to see on the red carpet really are just as perfect as they seem (Oops sorry, perfection does not exist).
Even if you are not necessarily beautiful, I’m sure we will have other strengths to highlight yourself. There are beautiful people, people with a je ne sais quoi, attractive people, charming, etc … and you know what they all also have their flaws!

I repeat: the important thing is you feel good with your body and skin. And don’t be afraid to share it with the world if you choose.

Don’t let only other women in the world bearing their beauties – most often the wrong way and triggering the self-esteem of other women – and be strong and able to take your own beauty. No matter the cellulite on legs (who does not?!), no matter if your chest is too small or even flaccid, the lingerie makes visual miracles and this is within the reach of all! Be nice for yourself, and if you want to others too!

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Use lingerie that makes you feel WONDERFUL! Be and feel beautiful no matter your skin tone, weight, or even the brands you may have. You are beautiful. Sport your beauty, and praise the beauty of others.

As simple as that!

(Use “granny panties” and feel sexier than ever, adding a delicate lace bra!)

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