#Vacances: BEACH LIFE || For someone who always considered herself a daughter of the sea, two years without feel, see or even smell it was too long. It hurts. Believe me it hurts a lot being away from so simple things that make us well … I still saying that Luxembourg would be perfect if it had sea nearby unfortunately it does not have, and the beaches of neighbouring countries are not just as close.

So as you can imagine, going to the beach was what I wanted most in my vacation! But I was unlucky with the weather. The only day I could finally lie down on a towel in bikini and get into the water was the second last day in Portugal … and you can’t imagine how those 15 minutes in water made me happy! Yes, because then came a gale (typical from north Portugal) and simply raised the sand in the air! Conclusion: I returned from vacation with the same skin tone…but with 15 minutes of salty moments that stay in the memory.BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-1BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-4BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-10BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-5BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-3BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-9BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-8BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-7BEACH_LIFE-ivaniasmode-2




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