#beauty: BATHROOM ON-THE-GO || Going on holiday? Or just go on a weekend escape? The bathroom will go with you! It has never been so easy to be away from home and to us the need of our bathroom shelf, and our essential beauty. Fortunately the brands are increasingly focusing on products in travel sizes. And now, there is no excuse to go without.

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What to take?

If you are going by plane, never forget the travel bag with mini bottles to put your shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, body cream, and daily face cream. The minimum hygiene products – are the most important! – And of course to join it, the mini toothpaste and deodorant. If it is only a 2-day trip (as a weekend), you will not want to hang some waste their time on trips to the supermarket, right?

Extras and not only:

A perfume, a sunscreen or a set of sun care, one cleanser, cream in case something happens to your skin (such as allergies), a disinfectant product hand – and this should always walk with you everywhere and every day – because you know how the hands carry “lots of dirt,” and a lip balm.

More extras, if possible:

For women it is, we would say, as important to take your favorite lipstick, as a shampoo. So do not forget it! The drama is about having a lot of favorites so which one should you choose? Opt for a red, you never know if you are having dinner at a special place, or go out to a club at night. So also don’t forget your eyes’ cream. During the day you can always use lip balm, and of course will not forget your make-up bag, but it already depends on each woman.
It’s summer, if you are heading to a heavenly place and has still with a very light skin tone? Why don’t you take a product that gives a little shine and a tan tone to your skin?

BATHROOM ON-THE-GO-ivaniasmode

Finally, don’t forget cotton to remove makeup, swabs and clear brush for teeth cleaning. Oh yes of course, hair brush too! All this items can be found in small sizes.

Check out our suggestions on the slide below and have a good trip!

Let’s go!!!

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