#Trends: BASKET BAG TREND (Wait! I already wore it 6 years ago!) || Even for those who are not aware of the trends, it is impossible not to notice the explosion of basket bags. They have been everywhere in recent months, and with a strong tendency to increase with the arrival of summer. Even I already bought a bag made of straw in Zara…
But in this case it was not because it’s super trendy, but rather because I L-O-V-E IT!

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Honestly, I feel like a trendsetter (oh, that’s the word!) – and I think you’re laughing right now – but let me tell you a little story.
6 years ago I was living in the city that I was born in. A small city and not very urban. I had a blog at that time and I remember perfectly from my collaborations with My-Wardrobe, a London-based luxury e-commerce website that does not exist anymore (learn more here). In one of these collaborations I chose a basket bag from the famous Australian brand SEAFOLLY. In 2011/12 no one wore basket bags as a purse for everyday life. No one. But I wore it like a purse in that little town. At that point people were looking at me as if I was “silly” or completely crazy. Who in their right mind uses basket bags to go to the city that was not by the beach?!

I wore it. Because I always liked to “invent”, to be different. To wear what I wanted.

And boom! It is currently one of the biggest trends. Whether in the form of a bag or a purse, the straw is all around us! And today everyone loves it. But I do not forget the strange looks I got when I wore it myself. This is bizarre.

As for the Seafolly bag …

Six years later, three different homes, a move to another country, and this wonderful basket bag has been kind of a refuge for my cat Wang. This bag is almost at the end of it´s life (the cat totally ruined it in the last years!), It is ready to go into the trash, sadly.


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