#beauty: AVANHEART a friendly brand || AvanHeart was created for the woman who wants to be more than a trend and true lover of natural beauty.
Mineral makeup is not new and was originally created as an alternative to standard foundations. The market has recently been flooded with mineral make-up and something is changing in the world of cosmetics. Consumers increasingly seek more for products that do not contain artificial properties or contain the minimum possible.
The products are made with a green conscience not have chemicals, talc, dyes and preservatives that contain all the traditional composition. In other words, this means numerous health benefits for your skin.

Also available in Portuguese (PT) – HERE / Este artigo está disponível também em Português – AQUI

AVANHEART a friendly brand-ivaniasmode-mineral makeup

Avanheart is one of the brands friends, friend of ours by, our beauty and environment. Created by a strong Portuguese woman, this brand enhances the natural beauty and is multi-functional. Do not believe?
With this product can mix and match and make your personalized lipstick. This mineral powder is available in three colours and can be tested with the eyes colour, cheeks and lips (the latter when mixed with a balm or gloss). In addition the brand is reaching more points because it is against animal testing, and packaging is totally eco-friendly.

You can learn more here and absolutely must try!


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