#Fashion: AUTUMN CITY BREAK STYLE GUIDE  || We’ve all fallen prey to poor packing while on a weekend away, at one point or another. The whole thing doesn’t even have to do anything with style; it’s all about clever streamlining of your closet’s contents into a selection of versatile pieces that you will actually want to wear and that will tick off all eventualities.

Still, this guide won’t be anything groundbreaking; rather, it will be a smart breakdown of outfit choices that will help you avoid any sartorial faux pas and blisters; cross that bridge from practical to trendy with the following advice:

A coat that ticks all the boxes

Assuming you won’t be going on your journey when the weather is super cold and you need a John Snow type of jacket, we’d suggest bringing a coat that’s appropriate for both looking smart during the day and adding a little bedazzle to your evening wear. Even if you are wearing it over your shoulders when the days are warm it should look stylish enough to complement any outfit you’ve got underneath. Luckily, these days even gymwear can be combined with coats, so – you’re in luck.

Flat shoes you can really rely upon


We’ve all made that terrible mistake at least once – pack that gorgeous new pair of shoes even though we knew they’d give us sore toes. Let’s not repeat the same mistake again, shall we? Stick to shoes you know are comfortable; not every piece of footwear needs to look awful in order to be comfortable, so choose your shoes wisely.

If you’re worried your super comfy sneakers won’t go with the cute one pieces and dresses you have packed for dinner dates, bring ballet pumps and a pair of embellished flats, too.

Light layers

Whatever the season or city, light layers are key to staying warm and comfortable but still adding the element of chic to your outfit choices. From vests and cashmere in winter to camisoles and crew-neck t-shirts in the summer, almost anything may work as long as you plan things right.

Layered clothes should form the foundation of all your outfits; depending on temperature, it will be easy to add or remove a piece of clothing and not get uncomfortable.

Fashionable tops


We love the idea of pairing up a jean with a gorgeous top for effect; it’s easy, it’s comfortable and it’s giving the whole outfit an added sense of style. You can rely on any of your favorite womens tops (loose shirt, oversized sweater, skinny top, etc) and skinny jeans for an easy, yet fantastic look. Add a hat to the combo, and you’re good to go.

A cross-body bag for hands-free ease

To avoid the dreaded shoulder ache (we’ve all been there, oh-so-many-times) of carrying your life around all day, everywhere, stick to small cross-body styles that will look cute and chic but still let you store the essentials you need.

So, what items constitute as essentials? Your passport, phone, keys, bank and travel cards and dry tissues, a map (maybe). Do you really need all the books and disposable cameras? No, not really.

A handful of little details


Fabulous pieces like chokers, trophy earrings, light necklaces, neck scarves, rings and brooches will give your basics extra oomph without taking up more of your space. Unless you’ll be going to gala events, hold off from all the huge pieces of jewelry; they’re pretty heavy and take up a lot of space. Bring little items – they’re elegant and speak volumes of one’s style.

We love the idea of a hat, too – a hat will elevate any outfit to a point of elegant, so if that’s the vibe you’re about, bring one. It looks fabulous both during the day and night.

Enjoy your trip, pack light and keep your style visible!


photos by pexels.com


Beauty and fashion writer for HighStyleLife from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for many fashion events in Brisbane.