#Society: ARE WE FUTILE?! || There is a statement made by Phillip Picardi, teen Digital Editorial Director, from Teen Vogue, last week, that made me look at fashion and beauty magazines in a completely different way. Trevor Noah from the Daily Show asked:

Trevor: “People say: “You’re Teen Vogue. You’re known for fashion. What the hell do you guys know about politics anyway?””

Phillip: “To tell a teenager that she should stick to lip gloss — when she is being directly impacted by policies affecting her lifestyle and the lifestyle of those around her — is frankly irresponsible.”

Teen Vogue is stepping up their game, and showing fashion and beauty magazines how journalism is done.

It is in this direction that ISM, is going. ISM is not just about cute outfits and runaway shows. It is not just about the latest trends, or beauty tips. ISM, is making a stand, and putting into words, that human beings that love the fashion world, are not just about glamour and sparkle.

Every time we dress a certain way we are making a statement… Every time we do our makeup, we are showing who we really are. But we are much more than that.

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We want you to be in touch with the world around you, and blossom into the beautiful justice warrior that you are. We want to take you on a journey that goes beyond the exterior world, and inform you of the social issues that are affecting everyone on this Planet.

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So, yes, we have deep respect for fashion and beauty, but we have the responsibility to stay by your side and hold your hand, showing political and social decisions that will impact your life.

Women, LGBTQIA+, POC, Refugees, amongst others, are part of our day to day life. They exist, they are here, and there is about time we talk about them and the issues that surround their lives. Beauty and fashion aficionados are not futile, shallow, or unaware. We are here to speak up, and direct a compassionate and kindness voice to the one’s in need.

We are all in this together.

So let me take you on this journey…


Illustrations by Garance Doré


Owner of AvanHeart Cosmetics. Vegan, feminist, human rights fighter.