#Beauty: THE ANTI-AGING SECRET || I could not continue to communicate and interact with you, without sharing this secret. Well, that is my job (Hey! Let’s take it easy, I am not being paid to write this article!), to communicate is something that I do in life and with pleasure. And the truth is, I bought this oil about 2 months and a half ago, and since that time I cannot stop using it. And believe me, I have a “spa” of products! But this organic Argan oil as won me over for several reasons. After all, I’m in my thirties now, and a smoker, so my skin deserves premium attention.

Also available in Portuguese (PT) 

Because it is rich in Vitamin E, it is a beauty product, that is efficient for the skin, hair and nails. And more, this oil is also recommend for the treatment of wrinkles, acne, fine lines and dry skin.

Facts (true virtues of the product): it is nourishing, with firming properties, anti- aging and antioxidant, without forgetting the regenerative qualities of it. It is 100% pure organic argan oil, and it comes in a glass container with a pipette.

You can apply the oil directly on your skin, hair and nails, and gently massage it. The power of the oil will do the rest!

Tip: apply a few drops on your face before the makeup (after years and years of being faithful to the classic Nívea cream, I swapped it for this oil and there is no way of turning back!)

Price: 15€ – HERE

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