#FashionNews: AD CAMPAIGN SAINT LAURENT IS UNDER FIRE || Strong advertising imagery have been a constant over the last few years (Alexander Wang SS 2014 comes always to my mind). Maybe the overexposed social media landscape is a bit responsible for that, and I am saying that because you know, nowadays your cleavage sells more clothes than you would expect. But you know what, this kind of images have one common purpose, to shock and to promote sales. So if you like Saint Laurent, and you like the powers of sensual clothing, get over it, dress and impress, be a whore, be whoever you want to be, no one cares about it!

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I am against all kind of censorship and dictums but you have to convert the messages and not interpret all in an immediate conservative way. Well the recent images of the Saint Laurent campaign, maybe are dangerous for young girls to see on the streets, but they sell an idea, of trivial sensuality, not vulgar, just raw. If the French authorities decide to ban I won’t get shocked either, we live in a delusional democratic world, so let the power be with you!


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