#fashionworld: ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS THE MOVIE: Everything We Need To Know || Dahhhrling, put some bubbly on ice, because Absolutely Fabulous is finally being made into a film!

Are you really surprised that AB FAB is (at least judging by the trailer), in fact, as fabulous as we expected it to be? Of course you aren’t – like you would ever suppose anything less!
From Kate Moss, Joan Collins, Daisy Lowe to Dame Edna Everage and Alexa Chung (and many many others), Absolutely Fabulous film has attracted a HUGE cast of celebrity cameos and as it seems, there’s hardly going to be a scene without a Hollywood star in it. Each of the roles entrusted to the chosen celebrities fits them like a designer shoe and there’s no doubt this movie is going to be one of the most talked about (if not the most talked about) of the year.

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This beautiful fashion satire is even better than Zoolander 2, and it’s definitely set to add a much-needed injection of sparkle to our summer.

Fashion is fabulous (as always)


Absolutely Fabulous got virtually anyone of influence (fashion-wise) interested: from Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella McCartney to Mulberry and Anya Hindmarch, the movie features such delightful jaw-dropping fashion that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. Additionally, it cleverly showcases work from the up-and-coming British labels such as Sadie Williams, Shrimps, Ashish and Vin + Omi who created the hashtag dress worn by Bubbles.

Rebecca Hale, the film’s costume designer who worked on Ab Fab from 1992-2012, loved working with our favorite gals again given that she, by now, knows the characters intimately as well as their fashion mistakes.

In an interview for Uk.westfield, Hale remarks: “Eddy will always choose to go with whatever is the hottest new trend but she always mixes it up with the old hippy from within,” she says. “Patsy has a style that has remained the same for eternity… she is classic tailoring mixed up with rock’n’roll and a tiny bit of alley cat.”

We can’t wait to see everything onscreen – it’s already too exciting!

Hair and makeup are iconic (as expected)


The grandiose, overwhelmingly fabulous hair is on point too (just as we remember it) with a little help of the show’s masterful hair and makeup team; BAFTA award-winning makeup artist Christine Cant gave her best not to disappoint – and she didn’t.

The champagne-loving duo Patsy and Edina lived up to their outrageous (yet so endearing) image we never stopped loving, owing to Cant’s fantastic devotion to their iconic styles.

Everyone always wanted to know what effort it took to make Patsy’s hairdo and Edina’s curls look LIKE THAT. Asked of her creative hairstyling process, Cant reckoned “Patsy’s hair is carefully backcombed with the GHD natural bristle radial brush before styling into her iconic up-do and securing with lots of hairspray”. Piece of cake!

Honestly, we can’t say we are really surprised that amazing styling tools like GHD hair straighteners and curve Classic Curl Tong and the mentioned radial brush were Cant’s gears of choice as the brand positioned itself in the film not just as one of the it marques to know but a brand that you can rely on for both onset and offset quality.  

As for Edina’s look, her “bouncy curls that last from day to night are created by wrapping sections of hair around the GHD curve Classic Curl Tong and set with GHD Curl Hold Spray”.

Ah, what we wouldn’t do for a little hair and makeup treat like they had!

A recap of everything we know about AB FAB so far


The original cast are on-board

Sure, we already know our two favorite ladies are there, but what you didn’t know was that the original cast members Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield will return as Saffy, Bubble and Mother. AIR KISSES ALL AROUND!

The gals are as fabulous as ever

Sitting front row at London Fashion Week, Edna and Patsy are dominating the scene – wedged between the likes of Abbey Clancy, Gwendoline Christie, Sadie Frost and Tinie Tempah – they are proving their amazingness all over.

Kate Moss is in the movie, and nails it


As a big fan of the show, Kate Moss for a role in the movie was a no-brainer.

Emerging from the River Thames in a sequined gown, fag and champagne glass in hand, the supermodel proved she not only knows how to walk the catwalk, but that she’s got some great acting skills, too! The dress was said to have drawn inspiration from the one she wore to her 21st birthday party with Johnny Depp.

All in all

The film’s plot revolves around the champagne-quaffing main characters caught up in a PR nightmare that’s hard to get straight even by Eddie. Apparently, the glamorous playground of the super-rich, AKA the French Riviera, appears as the perfect spot to flee at penniless and plan out a permanent life there. Oh, and – everything fabulous in between.

Sounds wonderful, obviously.


See you by the popcorn stand on Friday, 22 July – if you are living in the US, that is.

Image source – www.imfb.com


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