ISM started as a passion project, from the mind of Ivânia Santos – founder and editor- in- chief – after an experience in blogging for 5 years.

Launched in June of 2014, it has evolved in terms of design and concept, being today a mix of an editorial website and online magazine, that explores everything behind (and in front) of the scenes: Fashion, Beauty, Personal Style, People, Photography and Culture – highly personalised.

We give one step further in the analysis of the creative process, inspiration, and influence of our time.

More than an online magazine – a movement – founded with the objective of giving people a source of inspiration in several ways, on a daily basis – exploring a variety of categories. It is also a story of personal style, documenting the wardrobe choices of Ivânia Santos.

We are obsessed with entertainment and improving the lives of people in general, reaching every type of audience, providing interesting content and interactive commerce.

At ISM we are breaking boundaries and traditions. We are aware that the “gender revolution” is here and we want to respect all individuals equally. So this movement will be characterised by “gender-free” articles, that will respect and appeal to your individuality. 

Every single one of you is welcome here.