ABOUT CIGARETTE AND MORALITIES || I knew it. Knew from the moment I shared a shootout with a cigarette in hand, would rise to a “hubbub”. It was in this first article, that there were some feelings and comments which I consider unnecessary for several reasons.
I felt people annoyed, and watched the false moralists. First of all, I want you to have notion that I am part of a small group at a global level that overly feels things (according to statistics, confirmed by scientists). Second, I do not need to see something directly to understand what is behind.

Before continuing this article, I want anyone who reads not feel affected by my words. This article is not directed at a person or a group of them directly – but the people who have a certain mindset, whether manifested publicly or not. Also not intend to justify myself or argue options or my actions. I just me as I’m concerned. Well, I thought so.

This article is only intended to alert you, and make you see things differently.
I will always speak in the first person. So here it goes…

I am almost 30 years. I tried my first cigarette at age 14 final years of the 90’s, while attending the 9th grade. I bought tobacco with my group of friends, and we were going to smoke behind the school walls, but in fact I was a stupid girl who did not smoke really. And then I gave up. With 15 years and elementary school, I was a tomboy and was always accompanied by two boys. Missing classes with them, but still I didn’t smoke, though they did. And only years later, I realized that what they were smoking was marijuana. My God, I never wanted to try it. I never felt encouraged by them. And you know what? My father smoked all my life, and I never felt encouraged. NEVER!

First fact: You will smoke or take drugs because your friends do. Yes you can be curious and try, but if you get addicted that’s your problem! You’re the boss and choose your lifestyle!ABOUT CIGARETTE AND MORALITIES-ivaniasmode-1

Let’s focus on that: since we were born, we see cigarettes everywhere. In the movies we watch with the whole family on a Sunday afternoon in the comfort of our sofas. Even in theaters, in magazines, in fashion campaigns, on the street. Probably your father, grandfather or someone very near the family smoked. And then you grow between smoking and idolizing Johnny Depp, Madonna, Kate Moss, and dozens of other personalities…. Oh wait, Coco Chanel too! And now tell me: They influenced you on something?! I bet all they not influenced! And what I am compared to them? (Almost) invisible. Hard reality! Ah! Ah! Ah!

So I understand that somehow, the non-smoking people worry about me. And they had even been shocked with the cigarette in my hand. But wait … Do not come to me with your moralist side saying that I should be careful because it can be encouraging to smoke. No no and no. I do not accept that! I respect the opinion of people, but I can’t agree with judgments or morality of crap. This is my way of being in life: live my life and each person is responsible for theirs. Just like that!ABOUT CIGARETTE AND MORALITIES-ivaniasmode

– Johnny with a shot of apple juice and a fake cigarette (chocolate cigarette?!) –

I have a son who is almost adolescent. He hates cigarettes. He knows how much I hate too, but also knows how I feel without them. I do not hide it from him, never! And it will not be because I smoke he will smoke too. There are lots of adolescents 12 to 13 years with a cigarette in hand! I won’t judge but perhaps something is missing, some education of the parents, or something else. But for everything there is a reason – even if it’s the dumbest and surreal.

What you generally have to think about is that there are no rules. Stop the rules. Stop moralistic criticism to others.

Going back to my 16, when I left to study in the school I went to work and I started smoking. First I hide it from my parents (a few weeks), but then got tired of the cat and mouse game (of playing hide and seek) and told them that I smoked. And instead of gave me a load of slaps or punishment my parents realized that if I was old enough to work and spend my money, I also was old enough to know what should be part of my life.

When I felt I was pregnant (you read well: I felt), I never picked up a cigarette throughout pregnancy. This is not crap. It’s real.
And over the years, I smoked; I quit smoking, and so on.
When I emigrated, and was two and half months without seeing my son, and all the complicated things that happened, smoking was the thing that relieved me. They (those who do not smoke) may find pathetic, but I assure you it is not. It’s sad but it happens, and create a dependency in our body. It is so horrible the money that you spend to keep the addiction – I already could have bought two Chanel bags in these last three years – as the smell that is in our fingers and nails, and how much affect our hair, skin and teeth.Yes, that’s a brave shit!ABOUT CIGARETTE AND MORALITIES-ivaniasmode-2

But you know what? Even though notion of it all, and want to quit cigarettes, not this to be easy. For the first time in these 15 years since I experienced, I can say I’m addicted to this crap. I can’t pretend! I’m the same. And it hurts to me mainly because it is frustrating to have something that is superior to our will.

Returning to a previous paragraph…I am not, nor ever have been encouraged by anyone to smoke, quite the opposite. I have a brain that does not allow me to follow the footsteps of others. I always did things for myself.
I’ve never been influenced by anyone regarding anything. Oh wait, I’m lying! I was yes. I was influenced by the Spice Girls to wear platform boots and mini dresses with socks to the knee. Second thought, maybe my passion for donuts is guilty of Emma (former Spice Girl). And now thinking better, I was also influenced by Link Park, Limp Bizkit and Eminem for my style in those years.
Ooh, and you won’t see me smoking or consuming drugs while listening to their albums. Yeah, I’m a winner! (Ahaha) You know how much I’m being ironic right? But even with irony I’m telling the truth.

Look, who is the most popular woman instagram? Or more in a row? Kim K. (sorry, I personally do not sympathize with her fame and success so I wasn’t sure how to write your name, and I gave not bother to search on Google – and you question, I just know it’s the most popular because the facebook feed makes me know !!), and with so many millions of followers, I hope not encourage women to have naked selfies regularly on social networks, or to lie about your natural body because I find this an extreme lack of confidence. Sorry again, but old photos confirm that the current ass is light years ahead of his natural.
Another successful woman: Rihanna! Please do not feel encouraged to smoke marijuana, cocaine and rubbing her ass in all men ok? Also, if they are victims of domestic violence (even for a single time) to complaint to the police, make the situation one scandal, but then run back into the arms of her love. Plead love and deliver the forgiveness !!
The next Miley Cyrus! I sincerely hope that all your little fans not currently walk to lick everything that appears ahead, and weird and crazy clothes (or lack of clothing). Because this is a real shock. Oh but wait! Miley grew, their fans also already are no longer little children, and life goes on … Why is it judged by its new image vs personality?! She couldn’t be for the rest of her life a teen idol. Or should it be? No! Shut the fuck up, and clean your minds.

And now back to me … You still think I should not share pictures with my cigarettes? Even believe that? Oh please!
A cigarette is an addiction. KILLS. Excuse my irony but … no one is immortal. Moreover, there are many cases of patients with lung cancer and throat who were never smokers!!! I’m afraid so, as I fear many other things.

Coffee is an addiction. Taken in too many doses can be harmful. Aaaah but everybody loved photos with coffee.

You love photos of Kate Moss, Leo Dicaprio and to Mary (the next door neighbor), and other vintage and current photos of celebrities smoking … But mine cause allergy and such hubbub.
You know what I find funny after false moralist? The publications I have seen in my feed facebook after the first article with cigarette in hand. People may think I’m silly, or else the purpose of them is that I feel affected, but you know what? I don’t feel. I’m sure that anyone who was affected was the people who decided to cigarette photos in hand because the photos were beautiful – with the legend. “Attention, I don’t smoke the cigarette was just a picture.” Bitch please!
I saw several photos / publications with cigarettes afterwards. Just coincidences? I believe in coincidences, but not in too many coincidences.

All the time I avoided being photographed with cigarettes was until I started to think that there was nothing wrong in doing so. But I got “courage” when in Paris, street style photographers asked me to smoking naturally as I was photographed (I still have hopes of finding my pictures from last fashion week, but I confess that not had time to concentrate on search). And it was in Paris that I decided to create an article – personal style – while smoking.

And I went back to do it here. And honestly I intend not prevent further. If smoking is part of my day (for now) and drink plenty of cafes, like smiling too, like dancing, like a thousand other things and I’ll share if I please.
Forget completely, I will not at any time to stop being who I am for others. I’ll always be true to myself, even if not please some people. In that case I hope you feel free to accept who I am and then to follow with your life ahead…
Focus on the photographic work that is done among us, and not only see the cigarette as if it was the only content. You know what I think ugly? People who never interact with me, who never responded to anything, who never spoke a “hi” and then, suddenly, feel free to criticize. The truth is that are free to criticize, but it is regrettable that only spend their time on it, and that will never be able to praise.

Just ask respect and not try to accuse me of anything. Can only accuse me of spending part of your salary in shopping! Ah ah ah!

Be happy! Those who smoke, my advice: TRYING TO THE FULLEST LEAVE THIS CRAP. I’m trying too, I promise.
For those who don’t smoke: I really hope you don’t have worse vices and harmful for those around you.

Think about it.

Founder, CEO & Editor-in-chief