#Society: ABORTION RIGHTS || Here is a subject that always causes a lot of controversy… Not for me, in the sense that… Well, I will tell you at the end of the article.

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There is no beginning to the “story” of abortion, because it is as old as humankind itself. A woman get’s pregnant, and for many reasons she decides that it is not time to have a baby.
This situation is hard, complex and above all, painful. Decisions have to be made, time to think, to elaborate a plan, to gather thoughts and deal with strong emotions.

But here is the catch… There is always a catch, right? A woman’s body does not belong to her. I know that some of you will say, that “of course women have control of their bodies! It’s 2017!”. Well, not really, specially when it comes to abortion rights.

All over the world, rules and laws exist to regulate the female body, specially when it comes to abortion. Women are still treated like incubators that exist to procreate. For that reason they should have limitations imposed by legislators that curiously, and normally, are composed by a panel of men.

Here are some hard facts about abortion rights:

“Around the world, 58 of 196 countries provide abortions on request, and 134 of 196 countries only allow abortions to preserve a woman’s physical health.” Business Insider

There are 6 countries around the world that refuse abortions in any circumstance. This means in case of rape, incest, abnormality of the foetus, and even risk of death to the women: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Chile, Vatican, Malta and El Salvador.

“Nearly 88% of all abortions take place in developing regions. The continuing high rates of abortion, particularly in developing regions, clearly underscore the need to improve and expand access to effective contraceptive services.” Study by Guttmacher Institute and WHO

In Texas, USA, the Senate passed a bill HB 434, that is going to the House to be explored and discussed. The bill allows OB-GYNs to withhold valuable information about the foetus, related to it’s viability and possible abnormalities. This means that a woman cannot sue her doctor, if he hides the medical condition of the fetus.

“An estimated 21.6 million unsafe abortions took place worldwide in 2008, almost all in developing countries.” WHO

The information and resources are there. Safe and legal abortion, with education about contraceptives, decreases the risk of death to women all over the world. But still to this day, we have governments, foundations, movements, telling otherwise.
Telling women everyday that they are not to be respected in their decision to terminate a pregnancy, telling them that their well being is not important.
And yes, it is 2017, and yes, we have more rights in other areas, but related to abortion we are still struggling, we are still fighting.

We are still asking permission to make decisions about our own bodies, about our freedom.

So I will tell you why this is not a controversial issue for me. Because, I command my body, I command my decisions, and I will fight like many others, to allow you to exist in this world, the way you want to exist…


Cover by Ivânia Santos

Owner of AvanHeart Cosmetics. Vegan, feminist, human rights fighter.