#Life: A NEW CHAPTER || We are in the second week of the year and my silence has been noted since day one, but I wanted to start the year the best way possible. I truly want to pour my heart out in this space and do things better and better. Not only here but also in my day to day life. I am back with a new perspective about things and I couldn’t be more excited. Starting with the photographic quality, you will see progress from now on.

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So (somebody told me), that my new year resolutions are delayed, hein? I tried to write something serious, but I will start with this: Happiness. It’s all I want for this year. And that is related to the goals to achieve. Besides my focus on happiness, I also fight for a balance in life, and that starts with being more gentle to myself mentally and physically. And I am more focused than ever to fill my life with what gives me joy and sustainability, and do what fulfills me the most. And be with more people! Yeees, I want and need to be more time with people. Work with people, hang around more people… Learn more and more!

And I want to take you along for the ride.

Here is a new chapter, from a new and interesting book. This year, is the YEAR… And you will notice this when we say goodbye to this one. Until then let’s have fun and smile together!

I rarely leave the house on Sundays since I moved to Luxembourg (I know how this sounds ridiculous!), but I want things to change so much that I decided it was time to change that… and there was no other place better to start this change than the Museum of Modern Art. I spent hours admiring pieces of art, photographing everything and everyone and fortunately no one was bothered by it, including a group of artists (I think they thought I was an artist, since they saw me laying down on the floor doing weird poses photographing the environment and the people) that they made a coffee break nest to my table in the museum’s bar. How I wished I could be at that table with them!

About the pink lipstick, let’s not make comments,ok? I don’t like pink very much but… I thought I could give an opportunity to this MAC lipstick, and I also thought that it matched with the Courage chocker, and that’s it! I will see you soon.

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ZARA blazer  //  Body – similar HERE  //  PULL & BEAR jeans  //  H&M boots  //  COURAGE Silver necklace and chokers – HERE

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