#Lifestyle: 7 ENGAGING ACTIVITIES FOR COUPLES  || Young couples, as well as those long-running veteran couples are often concerned about the possible fizzling out in the bedroom department. However, an often disregarded, but even more important aspect of any healthy relationship is the amount of things the two of you have in common, your shared sense of humor, hobbies and interests. A relationship may start with passion, but couples who have fun together, stay together. You two may not have been born with the same affinities, but compromise is important; so, even if you are not crazy about some of the things your SO likes to do, give them a shot, you might end up being more keen on the hobby than they are. If you are starting to feel like an old couple and the word FUN is slowly slipping from your vocabulary, we have come up with seven engaging activities to flick on your fun switch and help you start bonding, yet again.

So You Think You Can Dance

This is an oldie but a goldie. We see girls having great nights out, drinking, dancing and having a grand ol’ time. Then, people couple up and they start becoming these couch potatoes. No sir, it is time to shake things up and the next time you want to go dancing, leave your gals for the night and take your man out instead. Enough with the sensible brunches and walks around town, you two need to dance it out! Not only will it be fun to bust out those dancing moves like Jagger and remind your SO how fun you are, but it might even lead to a very passionate end of the evening at home. Couples who dance together do some other stuff together, too.

Let’s Get Physical

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No, not like that, although you can do that as well; what we meant is, engage in a physical activity together. Your boy/girl loves to cycle and you have the cycling abilities of Emilia Clarke in Me Before You? Well, it is time to step up and shape up. Get a pair of awesome trainers, some bike-friendly clothes and get in character. Your partner will appreciate the effort you are putting into sharing their interests, and the second incentive is that you get to spend quality time with your sweetheart, breathe in some fresh air and maybe even improve your overall levels of fitness. It is a win-win-win!

Sail Away With Me

It is essential that a couple, those in long-term relationships in particular, take little trips as often as they can. These do not have to be exotic getaways, you can hop over to a neighboring state or even a city break in your own country. The reason why traveling is important is because on trips, unexpected things can happen, and it is crucial to see whether you are able to work together in a crisis when there is an actual physical problem at stake. Another perk of traveling together is that the quality of your sex life might actually improve, at least according to this study. Finally, there is a sense that on travels you sort of start falling in love with your partner all over again; it is inexplicable but true. And finally, these little and big trips are memories you create together and will remember even when you are old and wrinkled.

Party, Party, Party

Nothing brings a sense of togetherness like hosting a party together and you do not need to live together to do so. However, if you really want to have fun, do not throw just any kind of party, throw a themed or better yet a game-night type of party, with Twister or a game of celebrity. It does not even need to be fancy. Actually, you can go for the opposite of fancy – get some glow cups, play beer pong or any kind of drinking game. Working together on throwing an awesome party your friends will talk about for months will make you feel like you have made something great TOGETHER. To spice things up, you can even be on opposite teams during a friendly yet competitive game. You should not always just root for one another; sometimes the greatest aphrodisiac is being on opposite ends.

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