#Fashion: 6 ICONIC LOOKS AND TRENDS FROM NYFW || Has finished yesterday the New York fashion week, we bring up some eye-catching looks that captivate our attention and also reveal the main trends of the season.
Grab your pad and take notes!

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1. Maxi Earrings | Seem like a refinement’s note and some extravaganza. I am pretty sure the ears will get heavier next summer…

2. Erogenous zones or the new necklines | Holes in strategic areas reveal unusual skin pieces; let the neckline speak for itself…

3. In Stripes | They come and go, outline the silhouette or are merely decorative. Dare to risk!

4. More Clear Than the Nude | From kaki to beige, through shades that resemble a dirty white, the skin color is here to stay, a favorite in the summer palette.

5. Overhelming proportions | Swelled sleeves, curved skirts and blazers tucked in trousers; the new styling breaks all the rules…

6. Embroidery and studded | Either sequins or fringes, may vary in size and brightness, but the impact you can take it for granted.

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Colovos Spring Summer 2017 New York

Spring Summer 2017
New York

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