#Travels: 5 UNDISCOVERED FASHION DESTINATIONS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT  || When it comes to planning a trip, most fashionistas will opt for one of the obvious fashion capitals – Paris, London, New York, Milan and more recently Berlin. However, there is a whole fashion world out there to explore beyond the boundaries of well-known fashion destinations that people have been either unjustly ignoring or simply unaware of. In order to rectify this terrible injustice, we present you with some of the most precious hidden gems in the world of fashion destinations that you need to pay attention to stat, so keep your suitcases open and your airline on speed dial.

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Go north

This may come as a surprise, but Stockholm, Sweden is becoming one of Europe’s major fashion capitals. Given that successful brands such as Acne and Cheap Monday are Stockholm based brands, it is only natural that Sweden’s capital would become the home of one of the most highly anticipated fashion events in Northern Europe: the bi-annual Stockholm Fashion Week. Keeping in tune with the northern staple minimalism in all forms, this is a not only the perfect place for upgrading your minimalist wardrobe but actually learn a thing or two from the people who do minimalism best. Be sure to pack a sweater or two though, because regardless of the western hemisphere calendar, it can get quite chilly in the north.

The up-and-coming fashion oasis  

Most people assume that the countries of the Middle East are way too conservative to be considered fashion capitals, and these people are terribly in the wrong. For the past decade, the Middle East, especially Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have been placing a major focus on fashion, and the western industry is listening. Nowadays all the high-end lines are launched in the Middle Eastern market at the same time they hit the high-end stores of New York, and to say that Arab women have become fashion savvy would be an understatement. If you are considering visiting one of these countries sometime in June, be aware that the fasting season of Ramadan is at that time. Eating in public is considered inappropriate during the fasting hours, and you should definitely do some research as to what to wear during Ramadan, as this is a time when great emphasis on modesty and moderation is placed, so you don’t want to come off as a disrespectful tourist.

Take a tour of the Balkans

One of the hottest tourist destination for western Europeans in the past five years has been Serbia. Belgrade has been referred to as the New Berlin (only cheaper and perhaps even more fun). There are gorgeous and stylish women and prominent Serbian fashion bloggers whose looks you can use for inspiration, great wining and dining as well as amazing and affordable clubbing experiences. The Ottoman legacy in the form of monuments and architectural relics is something you simply must see, as well as new architectural wonders and amazing coffee and cake shops such as Mandarina and Crna Ovca (which makes one of the best ice-creams in the world. While in Serbia, you definitely should hop over to Novi Sad, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, that unlike Belgrade is home of amazing Austro-Hungarian architecture. Wonderful and promising young bloggers and generally stylish people can be seen everywhere. Let us not forget about Exit Festival, which has earned a reputation of being one of the best music festivals in Europe and which takes place on the hauntingly beautiful Petrovaradin Fortress. For some serious festival-attire inspiration (and great performances) this is one of the must-visit destinations.

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The land down under

The beauty of Australia is something that simply cannot be put into words, you have to be there to believe it, so make sure to put this destination on your bucket list. When it comes to fashion, Melbourne is most definitely the place to go. Melbourne’s thriving creative scene makes it Australia’s epicenter of style and a huge influence on Oceania’s fashion landscape. The city’s homegrown labels excel in their own European-flavored aesthetics, while its fashion-forward boutiques introduce many foreign labels to the wealthy Australian market.

The biggest of them all

The largest country in the world might be getting a bad reputation, due to its harsh winters and relics of communism, but Moscow is a once in a lifetime experience. Aside from being one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, with sights like The Moscow Kremlin (one of the most ancient parts of the city and a symbol of Russia) which will take your breath away, this capital is slowly becoming one of the most important fashion centers on the entire globe with designers such as Gosha Rubchinskiy and Ulyana Sergeenko who are getting ready  to take over the world with their patriotic, street and old Russia glamour inspired collections.


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