#Lifestyle: 5 TIPS FOR HOSTING A PERFECT CHRISTMAS PARTY  || When it comes to the holidays there are two types of people – those who attend parties and those two throw them. If you belong to the second category or at least you have a desire to, there are a few tips and tricks you definitely want to have up your sleeve. Even if you’ve been a great host for years now, that is all the more reason to learn something new – after all, you are in competition with yourself, so you are always pushed to outdo your last year’s self. That is why it’s highly important to keep up with new holiday trends and perhaps look back at some of the old but amazing old ones that have slipped your mind. That way, you can yet again, throw the best Christmas party of all time, until next year of course.

Devil is in the details

If you take holiday parties seriously, then you simply can’t even begin planning one without first creating your guest list. If you’re organizing a dinner party, make sure to create the perfect seating arrangement. This is very important for mingling and the general conversational flow of the party. People who know and like each other, as well as those who have plenty in common (hence would hit it off) should always be seated together, while those completely different and perhaps not in the friendliest of terms should be apart. Next in line are the invitations. Don’t just send e-vites, take the time to pick out real invitations – this is a personal touch that people will appreciate. Make sure the look of it says something about the theme of the party as synchronicity is always a great way to kick things off.

All the right foods and all the right tools

One of the most important things to check off your list is amazing food. This is a time when dieting goes out the window and it is your job as the host to dazzle the guests with your cooking. Once you’ve settled on your go-to dish, whether it’s your secret recipe for turkey, a slow cooker ham with sticky ginger glaze,  glazed duck  or one of the recipes that aren’t  only delicious but also great for the skin, you need just the right tools for the dish to be perfect. And if you want the best of the best, you’ll definitely go with Le Creuset as they have everything you need to prepare the most complex of meals. Of course, after the savory comes the sweet, so outdo yourself with an amazing dessert recipe that will be the talk of the party.

A very Merry Christmas

It’s safe to say that just the right selection of drinks can take your party to an entirely different level. As the impeccable host, you will take drink selection seriously. Depending on what you decide to serve for dinner, do some research as to which wines go best with which meals. Aside from the wine, there should also be an abundance of traditional Christmas beverages, such as eggnog, hot chocolate, and you can even take things a step further and invent your own signature Christmas cocktail. It’s personal touches like these that really make a party stand out.

The wow factor

As with every party, decorations play a major role at setting the right mood. Depending on your personal style and sense of aesthetics you can go in numerous different directions. You can go with plenty of lights, splashes of colors, traditional red, or super- classy and monochromatic. The most important thing is to have a truly impressive tree, as nothing says it’s Christmas quite as much as a perfect tree. Now, when it comes to the table setting, again choose centerpieces that are in accordance with the general color palette, but one thing to pay special attention to are the plates. Bring out your best china – your guests will take notice.

Make room

Regardless of the amount of space you have at your disposal, always clear out one area and turn it into a kind of a dance floor. Festivities are just that – festive, and there should most certainly be dancing. Now, depending on the musical preferences of your guests, take the time and put extra effort into creating the perfect Christmas playlist that will have everyone on their feet. The secret is that perfect blend of evergreen Christmas tunes and current hits that you know everyone loves and can dance to. Eat, drink, rejoice, and let there be light, let there be dance.


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