#Lifestyle: 5 STRESS RELIEF TIPS FOR BUSY MOMS || As soon as we become parents, our lives completely change. Our main goal is to help our children grow up and be healthy, happy and successful. However, that is a big burden to bear since there is a lot of responsibility. No matter how many children you have and how tough your work is, you will need to find a way to relieve stress. So, if you are a busy mom, here are some tips to help you get the most of each day.

Start and finish each day in peace

The hours just pass by as you struggle with taking care of your kids, chores and your own job and the day becomes a blur. In order to be present each day, you will have to try and find some time to appreciate your time alone and meditate. Designate a corner in your room for short meditations at the beginning and end of each day. Light some scented candles and let your mind get free of all the worries. However, if you don’t like meditating, you can try with simple looking out of the window in the morning while sipping your first coffee or looking at a peaceful photo. Focus on something positive each morning and night and it will help you relax and appreciate more everything you have.

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Work out

Exercising is a major stress reliever and it can significantly elevate your mood. However, most moms are too busy to go to the gym or workout at home, especially if the kids are around. That’s why you should try jogging or even walking during your lunch break. Take your best friend with you and you will even manage to talk out any stressful situations and all of your worries. The only thing to remember is not to turn those walks or jogs into another chore. Think about them as something joyful and something that will help you preserve your health and good temper and you won’t feel stressed out about working out either.

Schedule your “me time”

Even though your children are a priority, you have to think about yourself, especially if you are pregnant. Pregnancy itself is stressful enough but the stress intensifies if you already have children. Schedule your me time and stick to it. Go out with some friends and get your nails done, go for a lunch alone or even schedule a pregnancy massage that will help you forget about all that’s stressing you out. If you don’t feel like going out, you can always schedule a nice bath at home and surround yourself with sweet smells of scented candles, some chocolate and your favorite magazine.

Welcome help

There is no shame in accepting help, no matter what it involves. If you don’t have enough time to thoroughly clean the entire house, hire some professionals. If you want to enjoy a night, day or even a weekend alone, take your kids to your parents. If you need some help with cooking and taking care of your children, ask your hubby to give you a hand or do something for you. In order to keep your cool, you can’t do everything alone, so rely on your close ones to make things easier.

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Read books

If you have some spare time during the day, don’t think about the chores you have to do. When the baby’s asleep and your children are out playing, grab your favorite book and enjoy it for a second. It will help you clear your mind and focus on something entirely different than the reality. Reading will positively affect your mood and stress levels, so find a cozy place and sink into the imaginary worlds.

Even though it is beautiful to be a mom, every mom will want to have some time for herself. Don’t think you’re selfish and embrace these simple activities that will help you reduce stress.


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