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#Beauty: 5 NEWS YEAR’S BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS YOU NEED IN 2018 || A Fabulous New Year to Everyone! Magic is in the air and we are more motivated than ever to set our new Year´s Resolutions and keeping them in check.
Most people do them and I think it is a great way to motivate us to achieve certain goals that need an extra push of strength.
So we decided to make a list of 5 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions You Need in 2018.

1- Go Cruelty- Free in Beauty. Many brands related to skin care, body care and makeup have now a wide range of cruelty-free products. This means that the money you invest will applied in companies that do not test on animals. Starting the year spreading more compassion and awareness is the way to go in your beauty routine.

2- Even Better Go Vegan in Beauty. There are several brands right now in the market that sell vegan beauty products also. This means that these products are not tested on animals, and do not contain animals substances. Once again, your skin will thank you and so do our friends the animals.

3- Organic is the way to Go. Not all brands contain organic products. It is sometimes hard to find suitable bio products that fit our needs. However, it is easier to find in 2018 than in any other year in Beauty History. It is worth it to invest specially in organic skin care products that do not have harmful components.

4- Support Brands that Help Others. To buy a product is to give a vote of confidence to a company. And also to give it power to do what they want with your money. So support brands that support others. That contribute to the well being of other human beings, the animals and the Planet.

5- Invest Your Money in Brands that are Not Sexist. 2017 was a very powerful year for women. It was also a very dramatic year for the many victims that spoke about sexual assault. As consumers we hold in our hands the possibility of lifting brands that treat individuals with respect and care. Therefore, support companies that are empowering to women.


Photo cover via HARPER’S BAZAAR – Photography by ALEX SCHIER

Owner of AvanHeart Cosmetics. Vegan, feminist, human rights fighter.