#Trends: 5 Menswear Fashion Trends That Will Define 2018 || As it always happens, the fashion industry is always ahead of its time. We get a preview of what will be hot in the spring 2018 as soon as the beginning of 2017, and the same goes for fall and winter lines. We can’t say we’re not grateful. The collections come just in time for us to plan our future purchases, watch, judge and decide which trends we’ll be adopting and which ones we’ll pretend aren’t there. Now, the one thing that we can say about the trends that will definitely dominate the entirety of 2018 is that they’re bold, daring and highly inspired. Not each will be everyone’s cup of tea, but as there seem to be more of them than we can count, everyone is bound to find at least one to embrace, so let’s dig in and see what you’ll be tempted by.

Blurred lines

With gender lines becoming more blurred with each passing year, it comes as no surprise that one of the major men’s trends revolves around bold florals. If you’ve ever wanted to rock a floral shirt but didn’t think you could pull it off and still look masculine enough, think again. Still, if you’re still feeling a tad reluctant to dive into the field of flowers, you can always take the rebel route and look like one of rebel icons from such movies as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Yes, you heard well, Hawaiian and shirts are back, at least if such fashion powerhouses as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are to be believed.

Can I show you a few things?

We don’t know whether Justin Timberlake is clairvoyant or not, but he did show us a few things, one of them reminding us how good a man can look in a suit and tie. Whether you’ll be ‘following suit’ like an Aussie guy and turn to tailored suits in Melbourne and other Australian capitals, or take a more trendy, albeit not so polished approach by opting for a more slouchy and oversized version of a suit, it’s just a matter of preference. The main thing is, a suit is something every man must have in his wardrobe arsenal, and be ready to put it on when the situation calls for it, or as JT would say, when you’re ready to ‘go out so hot, just like an oven’.

Shout it from the rooftops

No sooner had the millennials announced the death of the logo – it came back, bigger and perhaps more purposeful than ever. While certain brands decided to keep their original megalomaniac logos just as they were, others used their power to promote and advocate change. That’s why instead of the brand name, scarves, sweatshirts and even bags are graced with slogans advocating for social equality. So, if there is a cause you feel passionate about, don’t be afraid of literally walking with a sign. Then again, you might just want to show your brand loyalty, and that is totally cool too.

The inevitable

There couldn’t possibly exist a list of five trends that excludes the most prominent one of them all – the mighty athleisure. Now, what makes this trend so wearable is the versatility and adaptability. You have the option of rocking it in a way that’s completely office-appropriate by pairing up your grey Supreme hoodie with a nice blazer and wide leg trousers. Then, there is of course door number two, behind which you will find a clean, monochromatic and Post-Soviet aesthetics consisting of a graphic white tee, sweatpants and the inevitable Adidas sneakers. Door number three offers all of this but in a overdone and supersized version complete with almost comically large puffer jackets in conspicuous hues. The point is, there are endless possibilities when it comes to this trend, which is why it will, out of all others, prove to have the biggest staying power.

The sartorial excellence

Fashion weeks across all fashion capitals made it clear that, in women’s fashion, the checkered print is the print of the season. London called, and made it very clear that everything ranging from Tartan, Oxford and even Union Jack coats aren’t going anywhere, so fellas, if you’re in the market for a new coat, make sure to follow in the footsteps of the British sartorial tradition – which has always been a bit of a rebel. Winter coats, spring trench coats, shirts – take your pick and let the plaid games begin.


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